I first came across Michael Berkeley  and Kevin  Laycock when I went to give a talk on the Brain in Art at Oxford University. Luckily for me they were there on the same evening for the Oxford preview of Collision. Kevin not only painted some oils in response to Michael's music but also created some computer generated patterns to rhythmic and individual lines in Michael's pieces. The work lasts 45 minutes and it is breathtakingly beautiful.

The piece is composed in four parts: Coronach- Inner Space- Elegy and Gethsemane Fragment.

I was moved by the beauty of the images, not just one or two but by the collection as a whole. Years later these return to the mind's eye , fragments are recalled and somehow seem to have become part of my inner visual life. I have included several in this blog entry to do justice to this geometrical mathematical , musical and intense work of art. 

The work was shown at Gallery Oldham in Lancashire in 2009 

The gallery Art First  in London exhibited the images in 2011. 

With gratitude to Art First for some of the images in this blog entry.