Miranda Argyle

Silk and pencil on linen

These two delicate pieces were created by the artist following a personal experience inside a scanner.

The following extract from an email she sent me explains what prompted her to create these works.

' Having a brain scan is a noisy and exciting experience but as it is also a potentially life changing one it is difficult to think about anything else once inside the machine. Afterwards I considered the enormous wealth of imagery that the MRI was able to produce and decided to make something.

Previously I had worked with stitched text but the images from the scan were so compelling that I thought I would study them. Stitching like any art has its own precision and accuracy and here it is the antidote to high-speed technology, the softness of the fabric contrasting with the harshness of the machine. I needed to contemplate the evidence and wanted to affirm that my brain was not just an object of scientific interest.'