Rob Pruitt Therapy Paintings 2015 

These large canvases are based on doodles made by the artist during his psychotherapy sessions.

Time Out in a recent review of his show at the Massimo De Carlo gallery described his work as ' a tense mixture of freedom and anxious overthinking'

I have found a quote from him about the work:

‘I call this series Therapy Paintings, because the linear information printed onto each impastoed surface is generated during weekly visits to the therapist. I’ve seen a therapist for a good part of my adult life, and even though I’m quite comfortable on the couch, the act of speaking un-self-consciously about myself had always been difficult, even in this sanctified environment. That changed when I began bringing a pocket-sized notepad and pen with me to my sessions. Letting the pen scribble across the paper automatically was like opening up a valve in my brain, allowing me to speak with greater ease. At the time, I never saw these drawings as anything more than the residue of my progress with my therapist. But then I began to recognize how, by capturing and containing the emotional energy that I was feeling at the time, they could become the basis for a type of abstract painting that I have long wanted to explore.’ Rob Pruitt