Courtesy of Adam Gallery where this and other paintings depicting scientific rooms and laboratories are on show during October 2014.

Dr Wolfgang Zemter writes about the portrayal of empty laboratory spaces in the artist's work:

'The principal subject of this show is the Laboratory Room. As described in the book that accompanies this show, the word laboratory means: a room or building equipped for scientific experiments, research or teaching, or for the manufacture of drugs or chemicals. Möbius has explored this idea and the resulting collection of works is both varied in its imagery and coherent in its context. The rooms invariably have a theatrical quality and a mystery that is not sinister, but instead intriguing. They are ‘depopulated scenarios’ that lack anything that ‘could clearly be attributed iconographically to a person or a profession’. A single light bulb hangs poignantly center stage, squared or blacked out windows and curved walls give a magical architectural sense to the compositions. Light streams in from the distance, its origin unknown and time seems lost in the space: ‘The notion of transience is addressed. These are puzzle pictures, whose secret ultimately remains hidden’