Berenice Abbott   Wave pattern with Glass Plate 1958

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Maliheh Afnan Contained Thoughts 2014 

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African Textile  Computers  

Anatomy of Digestion Design   Lobules China plate  2014 

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Gemma Anderson   Portraits : Patients and Psychiatrists  2010

Miranda Argyle   Silk MRI   

Sara Asnaghi  Edible brains 2014

Banksy  Laugh Now  2002

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Michael Berkeley and Kevin Laycock Collision  2009

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Jean Francois Bocle' Everythinbg must go 2014 

The Boneyard Project 2010-2012 

Louise Bourgeois  Legs 2001 

Louise Bourgeois  Untitled 2004 

Celeste Boursier-Mougenot  Revolutions 2015

Victoria Burge  Star 2014 

Nancy Burson  The Difference between Negative and Positive Thought 2000

Demba Camara  Untitled    2006

Annie Cattrell  Capacity 2000  

Annie Cattrell   From Within   2010 

Helen Chadwick  Self Portrait  1991

Vija Celmins  Galaxy 1975

Bernardo Cesare Aperol 2015

Julian Charriere  The third Element  2015

Chelsea arts club wall decorated with planets  2015 

Olga Chernysheva Russian Florals 2014 

Sagakami Chiyuki Naturalis Historia 

Kwan Young Chun  Aggregation 2014

Darren Coffield's  Paradox Portraits  2014 

Elvis Costello  A Good Year for the Roses   2014

Martin Creed  Don't Worry  2008

Ian Cumberland Sink or Swim 2014

Leonardo Da Vinci   Embryo drawing 

Jason De Caires Taylor  The Lost Correspondent  2006

Susan Derges  Shoreline 2003

Susan derges Rain  2003 

Susan Derges   River  2003 

Nicolas Deshayes Slugs in Peroxide 2013 

Brian Dettmer  Musical anatomy 

Brian Dettmer  Book Sculpture 

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Katharine Dowson  My Soul  

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S A Ferreira et al Human Stem Cell 2015 

Graham Fink Drawing with my Eyes 2015 

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Peter Fraser  Deep Blue 

Isaac Frost   Muggletonian Print  Plate 9 1846  

Scarlett Hooft Garland  Lemonade igloo 2007

Isa Genzen  World Receiver  2011 

Ori Gersht Big Bang I    2006

Gilbert and George  Bleeding  1988 

Stephane Graaf  Professore series  2008-9 

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Helga Griffiths Olfactory Analysis 

Fiona Hall  Headquarters of the Revolutionaries 2008

Maggie Hambling  Portrait of Dorothy Hodgkin  1985

Maggie Hambling  Scallop   2003

Elias Hansen  Then at some point there is nothing left to say   2014

Keith Haring  Tree of Life  1985

Jacob Hashimoto   Gas Giant 2012

Mona Hatoum  Entrails carpet  1995

Tim Head Sunday Morning 2009 

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Thomas Hickey Three Princesses of Mysore 1806 

Damien Hirst  Abalone Acetone Powder 1991 

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Damien Hirst  Pharmaceuticals  2005

Roger Hiorns  Seizure  

Tom Hiscocks Along the way II  2015

Carsten Holler Pill Clock 2011

William Hogarth Gin Lane 1751

Gim Hong Sok   8 Breaths  2014

Edward Hopper Hotel Room  1931 

Raymond Huisman Mr L at his post in a dementia ward 2015

Ryoji Ikeda   Spectra  2014 

Liu Jianhua  Unreal Scene 2011 

Laura Jacobson  MRI Plates  

Yasmine Kabir   Last Rites 2008

Christopher Kane  Brain embroidered organza top 2013 

Evelin Kasikov Brain 2015

Gyorgy Kepes  Hand and Magnet 1939

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Edward Kienholz Cement TV 1967

Tania Kovats  Tree 2009 

Agnieszka Kurant   Artificial Artificial Intelligence  

Yayoi Kusama   Infinity Mirrored room Filled with the Brilliance of Life  2011

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Christophe Laudamiel  Scent of Addiction 

Sarah Lucas Legs 2015 

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Lee Miller  Portrait of Anna Leska in Spitfire 1942

Jeffrey Milstein  Four cruise liners 2015 

Sisie MacMurray   Shell    2012 

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Kasey McMahon  Connected  

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Joan Miro  Le Grand Ordonnateur  1969

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Igor Mitoraj Angeli 2012

Jurgen Mobius  The Laboratory 2014

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Anna Morandi  Self Portrait in wax 1750

Benedetta Mori Ubaldini Clouds 

Ernesto Neto Leviathan Thot 2006

New Yorker 2017

Lisa Nilsson Cranium II

Karen Norberg  Knitted Brain   

Alana Noritake  Brain Hat  

OK Go  Hungry Ghosts 2014

Orangutans at Cheyenne mountain zoo  2015

Random International  Rain Room  2012

Man Ray  Electricite'  1931

Catherine Richards  I was scared to  Death/ I could have Died of Joy   2012 

Angela Palmer  MRI Self Portrait 2012 

Cornelia Parker  Einstein's Abstract  1999

Cornelia Parker  Marks made by Freud, Subconsciously  2000

Sydney Parkinson  Kangaroo  1770 

Katie Paterson  Horizon Kaleidoscope 

Katie Paterson   As The World Turns 

Katie Paterson    All the Dead Stars 

Francis Picabia Portrait d'un Docteur 1935 

Sopheap Pich   Delta  2009

Oliver Pietsch  The Conquest of Happiness   2005

Michael Pinsky Viral Planting 2015

Rob Pruitt  Therapy Paintings 2015

Helen Pynor  Head Ache  2012

Marc Quinn Self 1991 

Cedric Ragot  13,000 Volts  2015

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Nadia-Anne Ricketts   Digital  musical scarves 2015

Yusuf Sevincli  Marseille  2013

David Shrigley Mental Tiredness 

Sissi  Anatomical Manifesto  2015 

Sissi Il Naufrago 2012

Kiki Smith  Untitled 1989-90 

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Helen Storey and tony Ryan  Air purifying dress  2011 

Diemut Striebe  

Walter Sickert The system 1924-26

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Pascale Marthine Tayou Plastic Tree   2010 

Helen Thompson  Festival Plate  

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Lisa Turner Anatomica cake plate 2014 

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A Vesalius  Anatomical Plates Woodcuts 1543 

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Dillon Weston Glass Mycology 

Cerith Wyn Evans  Column VIII   2012 

Chen Zhen  Chrystal landscape of inner Body  2000