Sometimes life just clicks and you end up with perfect timing coming across something waiting for you to arrive. 

This is how I felt this week whilst in Budapest for the Behavioural Addictions conference I was speaking at.  After a long morning of conference talks I used the lunch hour to explore the back of the hotel and stumbled across the Kunsthalle Budapest, their modern art gallery.  This would have been a great unexpected pleasure in itself but to my total surprise the show was an Art and Science one showing Attila Csaji's work with light. 

He was one of several Hungarian artists who collaborated with the Central Research Institute for Physics  in Hungary as well as with MIT in researching ' the artistic role of the laser' .

In 1966 he founded the International Kepes Society, the members of this group explored the interaction between art, technology and science by working in an interdisciplinary way and publishing their results within an academic environment.