LEGS 2001 


Photo : Christopher Burke 

Courtesy of Cheim and Read NY 

Copyright: Easton Foundation     

Well, it took a while for me to decide on the uploading of any of Bourgeois' works....theoretically many of her pieces should be included on this blog , she has for instance, made several hanging heads on show with these legs at 'Suspension' the  exhibition at Cheim & Read in NY ( Oct 2014- Jan 2015) however as a psychiatrist I find her art extremely unsettling reminiscent of psychological pain.

I could not resist these legs though, they were the most innocuous of all the hanging exhibits and wonderful for my lower limbs Anatomy corridor in this virtual museum.  

Apparently the artist who died in her 90s in 2010 was inspired in the making of hanging art by the memories of childhood when in her family home her father's whole collection of armchairs would hang neatly from the ceiling of their attic.

There is a wonderful head I should include:

UNTITLED 2004 Fabric 

Photo: chritopher Burke  

Courtesy of Cheim & Read NY

.....but you can see what I mean by sinister. 

So this piece won't get its own individual entry, just a mention.