UNTITLED 1989-90 

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 

The following excerpt is from The New York Times: 

One of Ms. Smith’s early forays in glass involved the molding of hundreds of 6-to-8-inch spermatozoa. To confer individuality on each, Ms. Smith said, she and her assistant “put our fingers all over the waxes,” which were then cast in Schott glass, a medium known for its clarity and often used for making eyeglasses. “It took a year and a half because the pieces kept breaking,” she said. “It was sort of a folly, but it was something I really wanted to do, so we slogged through and persevered.” The resulting work, “Untitled” (1989-90), consists of 230 pieces on three rubber sheets and belongs to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Like her later glass portrayals of tears, stars, animal menageries and trails of blood and urine, the sperm can be configured in different ways, she said, “so they have an unexpectedness to them.”