With thanks to the artist and to Rifkemaker Gallery as well as to The Creators Project Blog.

Since starting this blog I have had the real pleasure of being sent new art of science works that people have cme across and thought I might enjoy.

Well, thank you Terry Stanford for bringing this spectacular example to my attention, it really made my day. 

The artist, Graham Fink, in his recent exhibition at the Rifleman's Gallery ' Drawing with my eyes'  has been using eye tracking technology to draw portrasits without actually using a pencil. 

The software developed by the technology company Tobii has made this possible.  The portraits take between 20 mins and one hour and are truly beautiful although I have not as yert seen one in person, just on the internet. 

In the past at my clinic we used eye tracking movement detectors to determine levels of impulsivity on pathological gamblers as opposed to healthy controls. Until now that was the only use for these machines I had known about. Thank you for sending this in!