Brian Dettmer 

With thanks to the Brian Dettmer website for images.

I already knew about Brian's excellent  book carving work and one of the images is in a different section of this blog. I came across his cassette tape art by reading the wonderful 'First Person' section of the week end's Financial Times today.

In an interview by Anna van Praagh he talked of coming across a bird's skull on the ground in 2005 and being reminded of a cassette tape and this having sparked his creative processes. However difficult it may be for me to follow the link between the two, I am delighted he did make this particular connection as the final artwork is spectacular. 

He used  heat guns and tweezers to sculpt the skulls and mould them into the shapes he wanted. 

I love it that initially he used his own tape collection,  I find it poetic that  personal words and music on now defunct tapes end up creating different skulls with varying musical taste. He has now run out of his own music and buys the tapes in thrift shops.

As a medical student I spent endless days  in the company of skeletons  learning the names every human bone. I am impressed and amused at the idea he once used 200 musical tapes to create a life sized human skeleton.