From the Fondazionegeiger.org website:

'We live in the era of digital information, so new media are abundant and given paramount consideration, to the detriment of traditional media. Books are universally respected as cultural objects, but often they are not recognized as repositories of knowledge anymore. Their relevance has been diminished in favour of the authoritativeness of all things that are poured into the ether.

The tangible world whose protagonist is a cold object that ages and turns yellow is countered by a digital world where non-tangible matter can just disappear into thin air. Brian Dettmer gives new life to old media by dissecting and carving at blade point, like a surgeon, the objects and the new connections which, in their transformation process, give rise to both new interpretations and a new message.

Dettmer is unique among contemporary makers because the book – as the repository of human knowledge – is not abused, drilled or crushed, but rather finely carved up and operated on. Dettmer operates with unprecedented delicacy, metamorphosing an obsolete volume into a bas relief of literal and figural inscriptions. The artist cannot possibly anticipate what will appear from the sculpted pages, and his experimentation of the past ten years has led him to accomplish ever more complex works with regard to forms and intersections.'