Pilot Anna Leska  in Spitfire 

Lee Miller 1942 

Thank you to Twitter Womensart for the image, I was intrigued and did a bit of research into this Polish  female pilot . She was eighteen years old when she qualified as a baloon and glider pilot in Warsaw. When the Warsaw Flying club resisted her entry into the flight training programme she accused them of sexual discrimination and switched flying schools eventually qualifying in 1939 and started flying for the Polish Air Force after the German invasion of Poland in September of that year.

Between 1941 and 1945  having moved to Great Britain she  worked  for the British air Ministry and the ATA , all in all she flew 93 types of aircraft, ferrying 1,295 planes  ( after checking them for safety and performance inflight )to various destinations delivering them to male colleagues who then flew them into battle.  She received the Royal medal for her services. 

( Source www.what-when-how,com)